Salvia Divinorum (Salvia)


Salvia divinorum, which is also called sage of the diviners, is a specific plant in the Salvia genus that contains psychoactive properties. The psychoactive compounds are contained in its leaves, and the properties can be triggered by smoking the leaves, chewing them, or turning them into a tea. The leaves contain a variety of compounds that resemble opioids, and some of them can lead to hallucinations. The plant usually grows in shady locations spread throughout Mexico. When mature, the plant can stand over a meter high. Shamans have a long history of using this compound to trigger altered states of consciousness during religious ceremonies. The main psychoactive compound is salvinorin A, and it is a potent agonist of kappa opioid receptors. The compound has a relatively quick onset of action, and the effects dissipate quickly.

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