Transform your life through psychedelic assisted healing

Our program of at home, physician directed ketamine therapy has zero barriers, provides deeper healing, and offers patients more progress on their path towards comprehensive wellness.


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How TripSitter.Clinic Works

From your initial physician consultation to scheduling ongoing treatment sessions, our clinical program is designed to deliver real relief while harmonizing around your schedule and life.


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We Trust In Psychedelics

Psychedelics have been a trusted healing force going back centuries. Recently, psychedelic-assisted treatment has revealed itself to be a powerful clinical tool in the treatment of both moderate and severe mental health conditions. We provide our patients with a safe, legal, and physician-directed program of psychedelic medication.

Everyone deserves quality mental healthcare

Our approach, technology, and pricing were designed to broaden access to deeply transformational therapeutics and level the playing field. Ketamine is only the start.

Bringing down the cost of quality

Ketamine infusion (IV) therapy and ketamine nasal sprays cost patients anywhere from $400 to $900 per individual treatment. The reality of our industry is that the majority of prospective patients who could benefit from ketamine-based therapeutics have been priced out of their path to getting well. We’re changing that.

We're here to help.