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You've booked your treatment session.

Read through this quick guide to help you prepare for your upcoming treatment session and following through with your treatment plan.

Treatment Day

You will receive an SMS/Email reminder notification at the time of your treatment. Follow the link and you will immediately be connected to your session’s dedicated tripsitter, who will start your session, provide instructions on how to take the oral ketamine medication, discuss what you should expect, and how to create an ideal treatment environment for your session.

After you have dosed, the next 50 minutes is where your healing journey truly begins. Patients usually fall into a vivid state of relaxation and focus on their own thoughts and self-discovery.

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Your Treatment Schedule

Moving forward, continue to schedule treatment sessions with our tripsitters (via the Patient Portal) according to your treatment plan. After completing your first two weeks worth of treatment sessions, you will begin to settle into the flow of the therapy, notice shifts within yourself, and be able to process your experiences with a heightened clarity. Your prescribing physician will follow up with you every month for a check-in. At the conclusion of your treatment subscription plan, you will meet with your physician to determine if any adjustments are needed and the option of continuing treatment.

Don't forget that you can always speak with our support team toll-free at 201-201-8233 or email us at

Forging Ahead

A mental reset can be a wonderful catalyst to improving your outlook, understanding yourself on a deeper level, and integrating healthy practices into your life. Experiencing a renewed sense of relief and stability can be life-altering but we each have a lifelong path to follow in our quest towards overall wellness.

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