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September 3, 2021

New State Launches, New Pathways to Healing

Tripsitter Admin

In addition to California and Illinois, we are thrilled to announce new state openings in Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Washington, and Wisconsin. Our program of at home, physician directed ketamine therapy has zero barriers, provides deeper healing, and offers patients more progress on their path towards comprehensive wellness. We are particularly excited to bring this life saving therapy to people who don't live within close proximity to a brick and mortar ketamine clinic. That’s exactly why we created Tripsitter Clinic: an alternative path towards achieving comprehensive wellness that broadens patient access to deeply transformational psychedelic therapeutics.

We are gearing up to launch in more states in the coming weeks. The best way to get notified about new state openings is to join our email waiting list.

Global News Wire spoke with Tripsitter Clinic CEO & Founder, Dr. John Huber:

“We want to deliver real relief to those battling with debilitating mental health conditions and broaden access to breakthrough psychedelic therapies by making treatment affordable to as many people as possible, including those who don't live nearby a brick and mortar ketamine clinic.”

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Tripsitter Admin

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